The City Lab 2012

The Stadionbad – more than just a swimming pool


The "City Lab" is hitting the road again! This time it's going swimming - in Frankfurt's Stadionbad. In the spring of 2012, from 9 May to 31 August, there will be another edition of the new, participatory exhibition series.


In the spring of 2012 there will be an exhibition about the Stadionbad ("stadium swimming pool"), presented by the Friends of the Stadionbad in association with the City Lab of the historisches museum frankfurt as well as the Bäder Betriebe Frankfurt GmbH (BBF) and the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum.


Why create an exhibition for the Stadionbad?

The Stadionbad has always been more than just a swimming pool. It is a place for swimmers and divers, for water babies and bookworms, for the energetic and those just wanting to relax, for people in search of excitement and those merely seeking the sun. Since its opening for the First International Workers' Olympiad in 1925, the Stadionbad has been a gem of landscape planning, an important sports venue and above all a popular leisure and relaxation centre for Frankfurters of all ages. These different aspects of the Stadionbad will all be represented in the exhibition and visitors will be able to see and experience the familiar swimming pool from a whole new perspective.


There will also be a place in the exhibition for the personal memories of inhabitants of Frankfurt. During the summer of 2011 they were invited to contribute items that evoke memories of the Stadionbad.


The City Lab received a variety of fascinating memorabilia including, for instance, a swimming certificate dating from 1938, some 1970s photographs showing views of the pool complex, and, coming right up to the present, a documentation of the 2011 diving championships.

This is how people were invited to contribute


We would still welcome further stories, photographs or objects!


Why participation?

The City Lab is a new exhibition concept that aims to strengthen and experiment with participation in the museum in a variety of ways. We want to create exhibitions not about Frankfurt but with the people of Frankfurt!

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Weight training in the Stadionbad, photography (c) photo: private

Weight training in the Stadionbad, photography (c) photo: private