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Gisele Freund – 1 May 1932

Gisèle Freund was a student at the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt and a member of the Socialist Students’ League. On 1 May 1932, when labour unions, Social Demo­crats and the Communist Party joined left-wing student groups in Frankfurt and Worms to protest against the govern­ment and increasing National Socialist presence, Freund was there with her Leica camera. Freund’s photos are unique historical testimonies that already exhibit the eye for scenes and stories that would later earn her fame as one of the twentieth century’s most promi­nent women photographers.


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he Altarpiece of St. Anne by the Master of Frankfurt, tempera on oak, Frankfurt, 1505, Inv.-Nr. B259-B261 (c) hmf, photo: H. Ziegenfusz

The new Museum

Historic Saalhof Now Open

The historisches museum has completed the first stage of its comprehensive renovation programme. The Saalhof, an ensemble of five historic buildings, is now open to the public in its entirety. Come and discover the city of Frankfurt and its history! Since August 2012, the unique architectural ensemble will lure visitors with a wide range of new exhibitions and activities for young and old.

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Open doors at the Römer

The Frankfurt Römer opened its doors on the 22nd & 23rd of March. Naturally the historische museum frankfurt attended as well and was quite happy to greet so many friendly visitors who took part in our MEMORY TREE-survey concerning their very own feeling of ‘home’. Are they at home in Frankfurt? If yes, where exactly in Frankfurt? If not, where else?

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Tag der offenen Tür

Cards from THE MEMORY TREE (c) historisches museum frankfurt